ASP.NET is a web application framework to develop and allow marketing programmers to create dynamic websites by Microsoft. It allows you to easily create web applications to use a full-featured programming language in the form of C # or VB.NET. provides many types of facilities like Business Function, Re-Designing, Interoperable Apps, Gaming, and Communication.

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Features of Asp.Net

  • provide bundle and Minification feature that can help to shorten the script and style size in the application.
  • provides data controls for type strong codes and intelligence.
  • use cross-platform for deploy to Windows, Linux, and MAC OS.
  • ASP.NET Core Developers allows all of these new technologies to be used. Microsoft Azure also has the support for the deployment of your application for containers and Kubernetes.
  • provides the best performance and now it gives best programming models, very fast and more lightweight.
  • Use of ASP.NET asynchronous programming pattern is excellent support. Async is now used in all the common .NET Framework sections and most third-party libraries. Most modern applications, database queries, web service calls, and to meet waiting for the other I / O functions spend most of their time and CPU cycles.
  • use Integrated MVC and Web API Frameworks.
  • provide Many types of environments and development types.
  • ASP.NET has to make easy dates, numbers, and localized text in your web application. If you want to be used throughout your application worldwide, localization will be very important for you.


  • ASP.NET use for developing a website or an application.
  • High speed, low cost, and detailed language support that’s also a benefit.
  • is more secure than other languages.
  • It’s very reliable and cheaper.
  • It’s more innovation in an open source code
  • provides more flexibilities
  • very easy to connect with Microsoft SQL and server.