Laravel is a PHP framework that proved more good features, better security and makes easier to use. Some of the features of Laravel are a modular packaging system with a dedicated dependency manager, different ways of accessing relational databases, utilities that aid in application deployment and maintenance.

“Outstrip InfoTech” interact with its clients for using the best available technology that is well suited to their needs. The advantage of Laravel is it’s a PHP framework Laravel helps to get code reliability and maintainability for Development. If you have an idea for a web application, we offer you to build a web application with Laravel. Outstrip InfoTech is recognized as a leading provider of best Laravel project.

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Features Of Laravel

  • Laravel uses a PSR-4 auto-loading standard that means all the classes are fully name spaced now.
  • Route caching feature motion up the app route registration.
  • Laravel 5 offers great support for use local or cloud-based storage to provide simple configuration. Moreover, developers can easily set storage options in the config/filesystems.php file.
  • Laravel improve performance, multiple functions, and better documentation.
  • Laravel has security features so it’s very secure.

Why Use Laravel?

  • The Quick and functional core that can be extended
  • Clean and simple routing
  • Effective ORM and database layer
  • Easy integration with third-party libraries (AWS, export, libs, etc.). You can use Composer or Packagist to include libraries in your project
  • Active and growing community that can provide quick support and answers
  • Supporting unit tests out of the box
  • Async queue and background jobs for the long-running tasks